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Free and simple word counter or word count tool, also called character count or character counter, is a tool that provides word count statistics by processing the input words/characters, phrase or sentences.

The character counter tool / word count tool is very easy to use and results are instantaneous. The page is lightweight and loads within seconds. Very helpful when you are writing essays, poems, novels or preparing for social media post such as twitter where there are character limits.

The tool comes with many names including such as character counter, word counter, a word count - character count tool. The best thing is that, the tool works on all devices and all screen sizes - Mac, PC and Linux; mobile phones, tablets and desktops.

Characters for Social Media

You can use different social media platforms to express yourself. The charactercounter.xyz tool plays an important role to help you constraint your word compositions to certain limits in accordance to in these platforms. The need of the hour is to lucidate clearly in textual expressions by using a very optimal number of characters and words. Below is the information regarding the number of characters to be used in major social media platforms.


YouTube is one of the most widely used video streaming platforms but somehow it has different types of text as the subject, description, and playlists. It is also used as a search engine and as a result, your unique youtube text should be interesting enough to press people to click on it. And then if you are going to write your own text within the youtube character limit, it will be very accessible.

# TextField Maximum Character Limit
1 Title(Video) 70
2 Title(Playlist) 60
3 Description 5000
4 Tags 500(30 characters per tag)


Facebook is one of the most widely used social media platforms in this form of photos and videos assisted with text descriptions or to present your own thoughts in a direct written way. You also have a larger number of The audience there and to make your text accessible, you have to write within fine and clear text boundaries. Long texts it may divert attention from your audience. Here is the character various facebook module restrictions:

# TextField Maximum Character Limit
1 Facebook Post 63,206
2 Username 50
3 Page description 155
4 Comments 8000

Facebook link Ads and video Ads

Using Facebook video ads not solely helps you connect along with your audience on the channel they like, however you create that association exploitation the sort of media they already prefer to consume. A targeted video ad is that the best chance you have got to urge your content to individuals at the proper place at the proper time.

# TextField Maximum Character Limit
1 Text 90
2 Headline 25
3 Description 30

Facebook Image Ads

Using Facebook photo ads not only helps you connect with your audience on their favorite page, but you also create that connection using the type of media they wish to consume. Targeted image ad is a great opportunity to promote your content to the right people at the right time.

# TextField Maximum Character Limit
1 Text 90
2 Headline 40
3 Description 20


Instagram these days is a high-profile social media platform that you use for both personal posts and branding for professionals. Here text also plays a very important role in a variety of ways such as username, captions, and hashtags and therefore has certain character limitations. Within these limits, your post will influence your audience but when your post is far away, it seems to be busy.

# TextField Maximum Character Limit
1 Caption 2200
2 Hashtags 30 Hashtags
3 Bio character 150
4 Username 30


Twitter is also the most connected social media these days especially covering many details such as political, economic, local and other daily events around the world. This busy platform allows your audience to have very little time to view and analyze your post so you need to be very accurate and locked in your text to get your audience’s attention. Although 71 to 100 characters are said to be the correct length of tweet, there is a huge limit to this too.

# TextField Maximum Character Limit
1 Tweet length 280
2 DMs 10,000
3 Twitter handle 15
4 Profile name 20


Snapchat is a very social networking site and very popular with young people. It facilitates temporary interaction with the video and your audience, which is why it can be very helpful to grow your business again, to put your program in this forum. But it will also help you when you have your captions and text within the appropriate limits to get easy movement across the platform. Snapchat limits your caption length to 32 characters and that seems too hard to express your feelings. But you have to believe that if you get used to making your captions so clear, you will surely find more viewers who interact with your post and timeline.

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