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Word Count Statistics
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  • Number of Difficult Words
  • Unique Words
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  • Number of sentences
  • Number of paragraphs
  • Average Word Length
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  • Dale-Chall Readability Score
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Keyword Density Statistics
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    Keyword Density Statistics
    Character Counter Tool is a handy and reliable word counter tool that counts the number of words, sentences, paragraphs.... It works with English and non-English text. This tool counts instantly as you type and gives you an extensive report about the readability and keyword density of the text. It also includes some extra features that you might find useful, such as case changing, stripping out HTML tags... Everything is done without any extra click.
    Readability level

    The readability level is calculated based on the Dale-Chall readability formula. The Dale-Chall readability score is given below:

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    The words that are regarded as difficult words in the formula are those that do not belong to the list of 3,000 familiar words. If the percentage of difficult words is above 5%, then add 3.6365 to the raw score to get the adjusted score, otherwise the adjusted score is equal to the raw score.

    Mapping Dale-Chall Readability Score to Readability level:

    Score Readability level
    4.9 or lower easily understood by an average 4th-grade student or lower
    5.0–5.9 easily understood by an average 5th or 6th-grade student
    6.0–6.9 easily understood by an average 7th or 8th-grade student
    7.0–7.9 easily understood by an average 9th or 10th-grade student
    8.0–8.9 easily understood by an average 11th or 12th-grade student
    9.0–9.9 easily understood by an average 13th to 15th-grade (college) student
    10.0 or higher easily understood by an average college graduate

    What is counted as a word?

    A consecutive sequence of printable alphabet letters, numeric letters, hyphens, and markers.

    What is counted as a difficult word?

    A word that falls outside the list of 3,000 familiar words

    What is counted as a character?

    Any printable and non-printable characters. Non-printable are trimmed if they are at the beginning or at the end of the text.

    What is counted as a sentence?

    A set of words that ends by a marker, such as full stop, question mark, exclamation mark...

    What is counted as a paragraph?

    A set of sentences that ends by a new-line character...

    What is counted as Average Word Length?

    The quotient of the number of non-space characters over the number of words.

    What is counted as Average Sentence Length?

    The quotient of the number of words over the number of sentences.

    Free and simple word counter or word count tool, also called character count or character counter, is a tool that provides word count statistics by processing the input words/characters, phrase or sentences.

    The character counter tool / word count tool is very easy to use and results are instantaneous. The page is lightweight and loads within seconds. Very helpful when you are writing essays, poems, novels or preparing for social media post such as twitter where there are character limits.

    The tool comes with many names including such as character counter, word counter, a word count - character count tool. The best thing is that, the tool works on all devices and all screen sizes - Mac, PC and Linux; mobile phones, tablets and desktops.